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Coach and Cheer a Latino Student to College

Latino U pic

Latino U

Madhu Kumar is a scientific researcher who has studied lung cancer mutations, immune checkpoint therapies, and molecular diagnostics, among other topics. Outside of his work as a scientific advisor for Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati, Madhu Kumar supports Latino U.

Latino U is a national nonprofit organization that provides support, both financially and otherwise, to first-generation Latino students who desire to attend college. The organization looks to improve the futures of these students by hosting a variety of college coaching programs and workshops, as well as a community of support made up of similar individuals.

The organization’s programs include discussions on paying for college and taking out student loans, as well as a FAFSA boot camp. Latino U encourages those who wish to volunteer and get involved on a personal level to become “College Coaches.” A College Coach is assigned to a low-income Latino high school student who is close to graduating. The College Coach works to provide assistance for the student in filling out college applications and writing scholarship and admission essays.



White Plains Youth Bureau ASC Program


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After School Connection

Dr. Madhu Kumar serves as a tutor with several charitable organizations, including Girls Inc., and Latino U. Dr. Madhu Kumar also works for the City of White Plains Youth Bureau as a


The City of White Plains Youth Bureau hosts a number of important youth services and programs, including the After School Connection. Through the After School Connection (ASC) program, youths can enjoy both structured and dynamic learning experiences, all under the aegis of an experienced and dedicated staff. Targeted towards children between kindergarten and the eighth grade, ASC seeks to stimulate participants on a number of levels, including intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically.

Families and youths who enjoy the ASC program can visit to learn about the ASC full day vacation camp. Camps are held during both the winter and spring school vacation weeks. The program is also involved with community organizations such as the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America.

Reanalysis of Scientific Evidence Leads to Exonerations

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New England Innocence Project

Madhu Kumar, most recently a scientific advisor with Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, is an experienced biologist who has assisted the law firm with patent applications within the fields of pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and computers. In addition, Madhu Kumar has volunteered his time as a consultant for the New England Innocence Project.

Wrongful convictions can be devastating to the innocent party as well as to their families. In addition, when a person is convicted of a crime they didn’t commit, justice is averted and the public is at risk, as the guilty party is still free to commit additional crimes. The New England Innocence Project (NEIP) is a pro bono legal organization that exists to help people who have claims of innocence in New England. In addition to the small legal staff at NEIP, interns from area law schools and professionals that volunteer their scientific and technical expertise work diligently to help reverse wrongful convictions. To date, the efforts of the organization have led to 39 exonerations.

Eyewitness misidentification is one of the leading causes of wrongful convictions. Though eyewitness testimony is extremely convincing, it is not always reliable. In fact, eyewitness testimony was a major factor in over 75 percent of the first 255 post-conviction DNA based exonerations.

Invalidated forensic science is also a major factor in wrongful convictions. Hair, fiber, and bite-mark analysis are all examples of invalidated forensic science. This type of evidence has played a role in over 50 percent of the convictions that were later reversed due to DNA evidence.

The staff at the New England Innocence Project, as well as professional volunteers and interns, are all committed to continuing their efforts to prove the innocence of those who are wrongly convicted. The re-examination of scientific evidence, in addition to DNA technologies, has made exoneration possible for many who have been wrongly accused.

Volunteer and Intern Opportunities with New England Innocence Project